We never know what our future holds, and we cannot predict what would happen.


After graduating from college, I feel restless if I cannot see her again. I booked myself on a flight going to Fulham. I know she is working as one of Fulham Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/fulham-escorts. And when I arrived, I surprised her to the agency and we both bursts into tears. To my excitement, I have kissed her on the lips and both shocked. At night, I can’t stop myself that I have expressed how much I loved and missed her so much. Luckily, we both have the same feeling, and she is my girlfriend now. I will never let her go of my hands again, never.

Sometimes beautiful things happen when you least expected it. In place of Chicago, we lived. Our family resides here for fifty years. We are seven in the family, and I am the eldest. When I was a kid, I don’t have any friends because people hate me and don’t want to be near. I always play all by myself in our yard. I can see many children are playing, but they never include me.

I feel sad about myself knowing no one likes me. I tried to be happy and not seek attention to anyone. It was a beautiful morning, and I woke up because of a loud horn, and so much noise. And it blows me away when we have a new neighbor who has bought a house and lot near us. It was Mr. Thompson house, but it’ abandoned after the death of his wife. Unfortunately, they don’t have any children aside from the foster child. After years of the end of his wife, Mr. Thompson also followed because of illness and old too. His foster child sells the house and moves away to another country to forget bad memories.

I go outside and see those new neighbor. A girl holding a teddy bear walks towards me and say “Hi.” To my surprise, I have said Hello and we both smile. Every morning, she plays with me, and it’s a good feeling to have a friend. She never plays with other children for my sake; even she is affected by bullies because of me. We enrolled in the same school, and she always defended me to anyone. She is a brave girl. After elementary, we decided again to enroll in the same school and became best buddies. We are very close to each other that no one can separate us. We graduated secondary successfully. College was hard for me since she is forced to move in Fulham, a place in London. It was sad, but we promise ourselves to keep strong, and we will see each other again.

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