I will never let go of Tara, a West Midland escort next time we meet again.



It’s really sad to see Tara go. She is a wonderful West Midland escort who have been with me for over a year now, even if she did not require me to see only her. She was the only West Midland escort that I have been with since I have met her. I treated her like a proper girlfriend and have her respect she truly deserved. Unfortunately she told me that she will go away for a couple of years because something big came up.

She said that it’s the opportunity that she has been waiting for all her life. I really wanted to stop this West Midland escort agency from doing what she told me to do but I also knew that it’s the only way for her to survive and have the life she truly wanted. In the end I accepted that Tara and I might never see each other again but that is alright. We still would care for each other for the rest of our life and I am sure of it. There’s always tomorrow, but I will never expect someone like Tara, even if most West Midland escorts are great I will always be loyal to her.

She also told me to see other West Midland escorts. I was to remain positive and hope for the best. I told her that I will listen to her advice and try to incorporate it into my life. But I still have my doubts; in the meantime I am planning to stop seeing West Midland escorts from now on. I have become so attached to Tara that I feel betraying her when I think about seeing other West Midland escorts even if she did not mind it at all. In my mind I know why I am acting this way. She was the only person who made the most good in my life.

I am sure that I can never repay this West Midland escort but I am remaining positive. In the end things will turn out the way it should be and I am hopeful of it. There’s so much more things to learn about Tara but I have to accept that she is gone now. I staying strong and hoping for the best even if the most important person in my life have decided to call it the end for me. I promised her that I will try to stand tall on my own for her sake. I do not want her to worry about me when she is gone. I know that in the end we will see each other again and from that moment forward I will never let her go no matter what my circumstances is.

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